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Contact TWD for Replacement Batteries

To ensure peak performance, radio systems require checkups and evaluations. Although most all two-way communications systems run smoothly upon initial installment, regular maintenance is critical for the highest efficiency. With our system optimization procedure, our team of technicians can quickly evaluate any system for problems in equipment, programming or positioning. If your communications system uses… read more

The PTT Button With The Motorola CP200 Earpiece

TheAi??Motorola CP200 earpieceAi??stands out from other headsets with an in-line Push-To-Talk (PTT) button and its built-in microphone. With this feature the user has the advantage of being received clearly when communicating within a noisy environment. This stealth earpiece from Motorola gives you the best-in-class HD audio without the hassle of wires. With crystal clear highs,… read more

Icom Radio for the Best Business

Icom business radios are a lot more than when we were kids and kids graduated from soup cans linked with string to those plastic handsets featuring the warbling beep of the Morse Code button and voice whenever you were close enough (which was probably close enough to hear someone yell into the microphone anyway). Two… read more

The Motorola BPR40, The Most Affordable 2-Way Radio

If your business is in the arena of education, retail, restaurants and hospitality, or light construction, then the newAi??Motorola BPR40Ai??is the perfect solution for your communication needs. Also known as the Mag One, here is a two-way radio with incredible value at a great price. This device brings its customers a new choice of affordable… read more

Never Fear, Motorola CP110 Batteries are Here!

Motorola radios would not have earned their popularity without their reliable batteries. All of Motorolaai??i??s batteries are designed so that radio users donai??i??t have to worry about losing connection when they are on the job. Motorola CP110 batteries are compatible with the most durable radios Motorola has to offer, and they are available to you… read more