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Don’t Forget your Motorola BPR40 Batteries!

If you are in the market to buy the Motorola BPR40, and want to get it for the best price available, then you have come to the right place. This radio is available at Two Way Direct for a discounted price online. It is designed to assist you with your communication on the job.  But… read more

The Design of Motorola CP200 Batteries

We are committed to meeting al of your communication needs with a complete system design package. From two way radio to wireless broadband, our design service includes an analysis of your existing communications system including peak hour optimization, range capacity and in-building coverage. After a comprehensive assessment of your needs, our specialists will design and… read more

The Motorola CP200 Headset: Hands-Free, Noise-Free

The Motorola CP200 headset is the perfect communication tool to support your entire agency, company or organization. This dual muff head piece houses a noise-canceling flex boom microphone designed to filter outside noise and is specifically crafted for industries such as concerts, national sporting events, car racing, heavy manufacturing, oil rigging and commercial construction. When your office… read more

Discounted Motorola CP110 Batteries at TWD

No one likes to lose connection on the job, and with Motorola CP110 batteries, you won’t have to worry about your Motorola radio dying on you half way through the day. You can find these batteries for the lowest price online at The essential functions of the CP110 radio could not be done without… read more

The NNTN4497CR Lithium-Ion Battery

Unlike the disposable standard lithium battery, the lithium-ion battery is the environmentally friendly option. Whereas standard disposable batteries are tossed in the garbage after depletion, lithium-ion batteries create less waste. When this revolutionary battery expires, simply place it on a lithium-ion charger. Lithium-ion batteries are the economical choice for powering two-way radios, digital cameras and laptops. With their long… read more

The Motorola CP200 Battery

Always recycle in an environmentally friendly manner. The EPA classifies used batteries as hazardous waste meaning that dumping batteries into the local landfill is illegal. If you are looking for your local recycling program, or if you need to properly dispose of a Motorola CP200 battery, call us for disposal information. It has become common practice to ship used two-way… read more