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Recycle Your Motorola CP200 Battery

If your organization or agency uses the Motorola CP200 battery, remember that it must be disposed of properly or recycled. It is illegal to dump batteries into your local landfill or incinerator as used batteries are classified as hazardous waste by the EPA, so contact your local recycling program or call us for disposal information… read more

Icom F50V Series Batteries are Built To Last

The IC-F50V series has one of the strongest Lith-Ion Batteries for Icom radios. Icom B227 Lith-Ion Waterproof battery is more durable than most. The large capacity 17000mAh Lithium-Ion battery pack provides a practical 9-10 hours of operating time. With the new BC-190 charger, catch calls even during the night while charging the battery with the… read more

Motorola RDU2020: The Best Radio to Use

The Motorola RDU2020 radio is a great radio for business use. It is simple to manage, and enhances your two-way communication with work colleagues. RDX radios boast exceptional audio quality along with industrial design and performance, which makes this radios a must for business. Call 800-991-3285 and order your new radios for your company today!… read more

A Better Deal Than Two Way Direct? Yeah Right!

When you need a communication device for your organization that is going to assist you in getting your job done, check out our Vertex Two Way Radios at Two Way Direct. We have a large selection to choose from that are proven to be beneficial for all types of industries. Vertex radios are offered for… read more

The Motorola CP200 Earpiece For Superior Surveillance

The in-line Push-To-Talk (PTT) button with a built-in microphone sets theAi??Motorola CP200 earpieceAi??apart from all other headsets. This feature gives the user the advantage of being received clearly even while inside a noisy milieu. This stealth earpiece from Motorola delivers the best-in-class HD audio without the hassle of wires. With crystal clear highs, a dynamic… read more

Durable Motorola DTR650 Radio Batteries

Shopping for durable two way radio batteries for your DTR650 radio? Two Way Direct is a dealer of a number of high performance radios and batteries, including those for your Motorola radio. Our Motorola DTR650 batteries are equipped with the finest construction you need to guarantee sturdy communication in your line of business.… read more