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Life Span Of The Motorola NNTN4497CR Battery

Lithium-ion batteries are rapidly gaining popularity over disposable batteries and other types of rechargeable batteries. With their long life spans, lithium-ion batteries are the economical choice for powering small portable devices such as digital cameras, laptops and two-way radios. Even after months of storage they retain their energy. If your two-way radio system uses theAi??NNTN4497CRAi??battery… read more

Regular Evaluation Of Your Motorola CP200 Battery

If your system uses theAi??Motorola CP200 battery, you may simply be due for replacement batteries. To ensure peak performance, ask us about our system optimization procedure. Our team of skilled technicians is trained to quickly evaluate any system for problems in programming, equipment, or positioning to reach peak performance from your system. Speak with one… read more

Vertex Radios for Ski Resorts

When you are working in the mountains, you can expect snow and rainfall for a good amount of the ski season, that is why you need two way radios that are going to be both waterproof and durable. Vertex Standard offers a number of radios with water immersion protection. The Vertex Standard two way radios… read more

The Best Accessory: The Motorola CP200 Earpiece

If you work in an industry such as transportation, aviation, security, mining or any industry that requires intensive security,Ai??surveillance kit earpiecesAi??are critical equipment to your agency. TheAi??Motorola CP200 earpieceAi??stands out from other headsets with its in-line Push-To-Talk (PTT) button and built-in microphone. This feature gives the user the advantage of being received clearly even while… read more

Vertex Two Way Radios For Your Safety

The VX-410/420 Series includes built-in emergency notification that will switch to a designated channel and send an emergency alert. For enhanced worker safety, the Lone Worker mode is a built-in timer that requires the user to reset at a predetermined interval. If not reset, the radio automatically switches to Emergency mode to alert help. Learn… read more