Monthly Archives: December 2013

Tough and Reliable Construction with Icom Radios

The Icom F24 radio is a highly durable radio. With a battery latch located on the bottom of each radio, your battery is sure to stay secure. This battery latch was designed to hold the radio in place, and minimize the risk of damage to your handheld radio. The IC-F14 series is built around an… read more

RF Exposure with Your Two Way Radios

Your Icom radio generates RF electromagnetic energy during transmit mode. This radio is designed for the classified as “occupational use only” meaning that it must only be used during the course of employment by individuals aware of hazards, and the ways to minimize such hazards. This radio is NOT intended for use by the “general… read more

The Motorola BPR40 Allows You To Address Customer Issues Quickly

Being able to quickly communicate with your team in invaluable. You can provide a higher level of customer service when you can ask and answer questions quickly. Your team can respond to customer issues swiftly, getting problems taken care of and your business back on track with minimal disruption. Keep everything running smoothly by giving… read more

Icom Two Way Radio Scanning Features

Your IC-F14 radio comes completeAi??with scanning options that allow you to receive coverage from certain channels at all times. This feature can be programmed onto your option buttons located on the left side of your radio, and Two Way Direct will do it for free as well as apply frequencies to all of your channels.… read more

Receiving and Transmitting Messages on Your Radio

The biggest function of your Icom F14 radio is the ability to receive and transmit calls through various channels. We would like to explain the transmitting and receiving process for you so that you may have a proper two way radio conversation. Receiving: Rotate the volume knob to turn on your radio Rotate the channel… read more