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Got Motorola CP200 battery problems?

Motorola CP200 Battery - NNTN4497CR

The CP200 battery is a 7.4V 2250mAh Lithium Ion chemistry and comes with a spring action belt clip. This CP200 battery is also compatible with the Motorola CP200-XLS, CP150 and PR400. Do you have a problem with your existing Motorola CP200 battery? If so, then visit today. We have all the accessories including replacement batteries for… read more

Black Friday Two Way Radios

Black Friday Two Way Radios

Searching for the perfect communications system for your team on Black Friday? Two Way Direct has your solution! It’s a given that on Black Friday there is nothing but chaos, noise and an undeniable need for security. So, how will your employees communicate with one another? Try out some Black Friday two way radios to get the… read more

Crystal Clear Communication With A New NNTN4497CR Lithium-Ion Battery

Motorola NNTN4497CR Battery

  Searching for the most affordable Motorola NNTN4497CR Battery? You have come to the right place! Two Way Direct offers the LOWEST prices GUARANTEED online. Your two-way radio and its battery are an essential key to your operation. You may be required to respond to an emergency where every second counts, or to coordinate a mobile workforce. Regardless, crystal clear communication is… read more

Waterproof Two Way Radios

Wet Two Way Radio

Employees are often reluctant to admit they have accidentally dropped one of your system’s  two way radios into water. So let it be known upfront, before the situation arises, that time is of the essence when it comes to a wet two way radio. Exposure to water may destroy a radio, so if a radio gets… read more

The Motorola CP185 Batteries are Durable and Reliable

Motorola PMNN4080AR Battery

Let us satisfy your two way radio needs with the PMNN4080AR Battery. Whether your need your radio in the rain, out in the field, or in a warehouse full of obstacles and potential hazards, Motorola batteries have you covered. When using a CP185 radio, consider getting the PMNN4080AR batteries for the most durable and reliable two… read more

DIY Two-Way Radio Programming For Vertex EVX-530 Series

DIY Vertex EVX-530 Series Programming

 Learn how to program your very own Vertex EVX-530 Series two-way radios! These radios are vital sources of information for many companies and individuals who utilize them. The EVX-530 Series is a very rugged, waterproof two-way radio for more industrial or construction purposes. You can afford to enhance your communications with the digital performance of eVergeTM two-way radios.… read more