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HNN9008AR | Motorola HT750 Batteries

Motorola HNN9008AR Battery

Searching for the most affordable MotorolaAi??HNN9008ARAi??Battery? The Motorola HNN900AR Battery is compatible with radio models: HT750, HT1250, HT1550, PR860, MTX850 & MTX950. This means that if you own HT750′s and want to switch over to any of these other two-way radios, you willAi??notAi??have to purchase new batteries. This particular accessory isAi??a replacement battery for the… read more

The Most Affordable Motorola DTR410 Two-Way Radio

Motorola DTR410 Two-Way Radio   The Motorola DTR410 two way radio features the next generation of two way radio technology. The DTR410 uses 900 MHz digital frequency hopping technology to ensure crisp, clear, and private communications. This technology uses a different set of frequencies than standard two way radios, and can be used without purchasing a license! Range… read more

Proper Battery Disposal for Two-Way Radios

Proper Battery Disposal for two-way radios

If your organization or agency uses two-way radios, remember that it must be disposed of properly or recycled. It is illegal to dump batteries into your local landfill or incinerator as used batteries are classified as hazardous waste by the EPA, so contact your local recycling program orAi??call us, toll-free, atAi??888-742-5893Ai??for battery disposal information and… read more

Understanding Two Way Radio Range

two way radio range

HandheldAi??two way radiosAi??will generally transmit “radio-to-radio” or “line-of-sight” for up to two miles. Range is shortened when there are obstacles between the radios — even the body fluid of the person wearing the radio on their hip absorbs a fragment of the range. There is a slight increase in range with higher wattage radios and… read more

What do you first check on a faulty two way radio?


What do you first check on a faulty two way radio? The battery. The battery is the most important part of your two way radio, and if it is not functioning properly then the rest of your radio will not either. When you experience problems with your radio that are related to the battery, order… read more

The Best Hospital Radio

Hospital Radio - Vertex VX231

When someone’s life is in your hands, you can’t afford to have anything less than the best technology on your side. Two Way Radios keep you connected at all times. Improve your communications efficiency by implementing radio systems within your hospital. By relying on two way radios your hospital will see improvements in safety, security,… read more