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Why Go Digital With Your Two Way Radios?

Motorola DTR410 Two Way Radio Deal!

Digital two way radios are in sense a new type of breed of radio. The main difference is in the name, the radio is digital. This means that it isnt a VHF or UHF radio, instead it uses a 900MHz spectrum. The advantages of a Digital radio are as follows: More privacy may be obtained… read more

What is a Channel?

radio channels

A channel is a way to organize a two-way radio so that its user can communicate with multiple people without everyone talking over each other and having to worry about that talks when. This organization helps reduce chaos when using a radio. It would be extremely inefficient if everybody could talk at once, you would… read more

Most Affordable Mag One BPR40 Batteries!


Trying to find the most affordable Mag One BPR40 batteries? Well you can stop here Two Way Direct has what you need. TheAi??Motorola PMNN4071AR MagOne BPR40 battery isAi??our replacementAi??to the standard battery that comes with the Motorola BPR40. Two Way Directs battery for the Mag One BPR40 radio also comes with one year manufacturer warranty.… read more

“How to” On Programming The Vertex VX231 Radio

Black Friday Two Way Radios

Are you looking for aAi??”How to” video on programming the Vertex VX231 radio? Two Way Direct has you covered! First you have to have the necessities in order to be able to program your ownAi??Vertex VX231 radio! (You can get these all at Computer Programming Cable Computer Software Once you have these essential products… read more

Check Out Our NTN8923AR Battery!

NTN8923AR Battery - TWD

Searching for the most affordableAi??NTN8923AR Battery? Two Way DirectAi??has your answer! This particular battery, which works with Motorola radio models XTS3000, XTS3500 & XTS5000 is available at the LOWEST pricesAi??GUARANTEEDAi??at! Not only do we price-match, we price-beat!Ai??This means you willAi??literallyAi??notAi??find a better deal anywhere else. Do you have a Ai??question with regards to what… read more

Best Radio To Work In The Marine Industry

Manouvering container ship

Are you buying countless waterproof protective cases for your two way radios? You can skip all the hassle and worries by getting a waterproof radio. No not splash proof, waterproof. This can be a huge helpful change for you when working in a marine industry! Vertex has made an incredibly durable and waterproof radio that… read more