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Is Your Church Getting Ready For The Easter Rush?


Only just over a week left to get ready for the Easter rush! Make sure your radios are working accordingly to ensure the best communication throughout your church! We have the best and most affordable radio for your church! Let me introduce you to the RD200U… TheAi??RD200U by Radio Dispatch is a 4-watt, 16-channel, UHF… read more

Ski Resort Two Way Radio Solutions

Ski Resort Two Way Radios

As a ski resort, you are a company, which is required to provide every security feature possible for those utilizing your accommodations. There is a lot of liability that comes along with this, and so communication is definitely key. With the hundreds of products on the two way radio market, sometimes it can be extremely… read more

Two Way Radios for the Drilling Industry

Drilling Industry

Searching for the best two way radio to work with your team in the drilling industry? There are many websites online where you will find a radio that may suit your needs. However,Ai??Two Way DirectAi??is the Ai??leading nationalAi??two way radio dealer to business and government. Not sure as to which brand or model you may… read more

Replacement Clear Coil for Surveillance Kit Earpieces

Vertex Accessories

Two Way Direct has outdone itself once again! Three words will save you money… Replacement Clear Coil. Do you have a Surveillance Kit earpiece and found you need to get a whole new earpiece because something went wrong with the clear coil? Or are you finding yourself buying more Surveillance Kits for your employees because… read more

Most Affordable Batteries For your Motorola Radios!

motorola batteries

  Two Direct Offers the most affordable batteries for your Motorola radios!Ai?? This battery fits the following radio models: Motorola CP150 Motorola CP200 Motorola CP200 XLS Motorola CP200d Motorola PR400 Things that affect your battery life: When you take it off the charger If you are charging it properly How much you are actually using… read more

Best Speaker Microphone For Your Vertex Radios!

Most Affordable Speaker Mic!

We have great news!! Here at Two Way Direct we have the most affordable, reliable and durable speaker microphone for your Vertex radios! This speaker microphone clips comfortably on your shirt and has an easy push to talk button located on the left side of the top of the speaker microphone. Ai??Along with the easy… read more