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Why A Sales Job Might Be Your Best Career Move


Sales. What comes to mind when you think of this? Do you reminisce on those phone calls you received during your family dinners? Do you recall the endless repeat phoning, despite the fact that you had already pleasantly asked them to “take you off of their calling list” multiple times? Sales may not put a… read more

Hiring for B2B Sales Positions In Carlsbad, CA

Two Way Direct Searching for a sales position in the Carlsbad, CA area?Ai??Two Way DirectAi??is hiring for B2B sales lead generators. Compensation includes $14/hour plus monthly bonuses. Just minutes from the ocean, this is a 7,000 square foot building in the heart of Carlsbad. We are a growing company, so allowing employees to grow with us is… read more

Why Cell Phones Are Detrimental to Your Business

Business Cell Phones

Cell phones are one form of communication, which businesses use to speed up collaborative processes. From scheduling meetings, to taking personal work calls and checking emails, these devices can be the difference between making money and missing out on an opportunity. But what happens when you lose service, or your coverage falters and drops an… read more

This New Life Saving Technology Could Prevent Future “Sandy Hooks”

Sandy Hook Shooting

Of course we all wish that the Sandy HookAi??tragedy had not occurred. We wish that those children would be sleeping in their own beds at night, playing with their friends at school, and growing into the teenagers and eventually adults, whom they should have had the opportunity to become. We all know that death is… read more