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Join A Fire-Spotting Team This Memorial Day Weekend!

Memorial Day Weekend

What are you doing this Memorial Day weekend? Some presumably will be hanging out with friends and family, watching fireworks and cooking out. Some may be hiking trails and simply enjoying the nature, which surrounds them. Whatever you are doing, be sure to take all precautions to be safe at all times. With the extended… read more

What Are Some “Do’s” and “Don’ts” Of Two Way Radio Usage?

Do's and Don'ts Of Two Way Radio Usage

Want to learn some do’s and don’ts of two way radio usage?Ai??Two Way DirectAi??has some tips and tricks as to how to preserve the life of your two way radios so that you can save not only time but a lot of money! The first “Do” is to charge your two way radios when they… read more

Are Metal Detectors For School Security Just A “Band-Aid Approach” To Fix Issues??

School Security

In an article written by Brian SteeleAi??at,Ai??the topic of “metal detectors in schools” was examined. It has become apparent thatAi??somethingAi??needs to be done in order to maintain the safety of students and faculty while on campus, which is why some institutions began implementing metal detectors into the school entrance system. This seems like it… read more

Keep Your Communications Discreet

Discreet Communications

Does your two way radio application require that communications be discreet? Whether you work in security, event planning or any other industry, oftentimes it is not appropriate to be wearing bulky equipment in certain situations, which you are required to participate in. So, what is the solution for this? surveillance style earpieces and belt clips… read more