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Piecing Together The NEW Vertex Standard VX264

Vertex Standard VX264 - Whats In The Box

What can you expect to be included in the box when you open your new Vertex Standard VX264 two way radio? Watch this brief video:Ai??Vertex Standard VX264 Unboxing A more detailed product video is coming soon to First, when you open your new product, you will find the user manual sitting at the top.… read more

Potential Terrorist Threats Loom Over Fourth Of July

Potential Terrorist Attacks

  With the fourth of July around the corner, we are reminded of the liberties, which our country offers to each and every one of us. That date signifies the time in which we as doxycycline over the counter alternative. #Buy Doxycycline. buy doxycycline hyclate. Americans were finally able to declare ourselves as an independent… read more

Get ready water parks!


Summer is here, and itai??i??s HOT! People want to be able to run around have a blast without getting incredibly hot, thatai??i??s why water parks hit their peak amount of people this time of year. Make sure your park is prepared for the huge amount of people lining up at your front gates! Of how… read more

Product Watch – The Newest Two Way Radios On The Market

Product Watch - The Newest Two Way Radios

The two way radio industry is constantly changing with regards to its inventory as well its technological capabilities. With the advancement in technology, this old industry is forced to keep up with and adapt to the changing times. It is hard to know which two way radios are the best option when you talk to… read more

What Is The Life-Cycle Of A Two Way Radio?

Life-Cycle Of A Two Way Radio

Have you ever wondered why two way radio products are always so quick to enter and exit the market? There always seems to be a “replacement radio” available for products, which seem to have just been introduced to the market a few years prior. fluconazole canada pharmacy. #Diflucan Canada Online. diflucan otc cvs. Why does… read more

Icom America’s New Compact F1000 Series Handheld Radio

Icom F1000 Series Handheld Radios

Icom America has decided to launch a new line of two way radios! The F1000 Series is a compact handheld two way radio with features including a waterproof chassis, pristine audio, rugged housing, a built-in motor sensor and channel announcement functions. Industries, which can benefit from this series include education, health care, property management, amusement… read more