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Hot, dry weather makes for the perfect fire season.

The news is starting to become consumed with fire outbreaks. Because of the hot, dry weather, fire season is looking to be greater than ever. In the recent Corrine fire, 1,420 acres were burned and still 75% contained. In the news article by Abc30 a man named Steve Kaufmann, Cal Fire Public Information Officer, explains… read more

What Are The Most Popular Two Way Radio Brands?

Most popular two way radio brands

Are you searching for the best two way radio on the market for your radio solutions? If you haven’t yet done the research into which brands are the most reliable, and where to purchase from, we can be that resource. There are several popular two way radio brands on the market. As you may know,… read more

“Errors…Are The Portals To Discovery”- James Joyce

James Joyce

While reading up on Ai??my minute-by-minute Twitter feed, I consistently challenge myself to find the most engaging posts that really seem to strike a cord. As an innovative communications company, it is our job to find different ways to improve,Ai??progress and truly adapt with the economics and the time. Questions such as, “What do people… read more

A Message From The CDC – Heat-Related Illness Warning Signs

Warning Signs of Heat-Related Illness

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)Ai??has a message for you this summer, and it is a very important one at that. Keep yourself and your loved ones safe this season by watching out for the warning-signs of a heat-related illness. With regards toAi??heat exhaustion,Ai??which is extremely common in the blistering heat, this is… read more