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Correctional Facilities Communication Challenges


“The total incarcerated population in the U.S. is a staggering 2.4 million— a 500% increase over the past 30 years.” according to an article titled “19 Actual Statistics About America’s Prison System,” written by Laura Dimon. That is a huge amount of growth in the past 30 years. One can only ask, how do the prisons handle… read more

Save 30% On Your Hotel Communications This August

Save 30% on Hotel Radios

Are you searching for the most inexpensive, yet efficient two way radios for your hotel communications? Two Way Direct is offering a month-long deal on all Icom two way radios! When you purchase from, you will automatically receive 30% off your Icom radio order! Haven’t checked out this radio brand before? Well, check out coverage… read more

How to reduce security risks in your business


 Keeping your business as secure as possible takes a lot of work. In order to reduce security risks in your business you will want to make sure ever corner is looked around so you don’t miss anything. People go to the lengths to make passwords for everything, monitor computers, creating strategies and polities in order… read more

What Is FDMA and TDMA Technology?

FDMA / TDMA Technology

What is FDMA and TDMA technology? According to Wikipedia, FDMA aka “Frequency Division Multiple Access” is an access method that is used by radio systems to share the radio spectrum. The terminology “multiple access” implies the sharing of the resource amongst users, and the “frequency division” describes how the sharing is done: by allocating users with… read more

Get The Best “Bang for Buck” When You Do The Research

Do The Research

When purchasing items such as two way radios, it is so easy to find that “cheap and easy” solution that you think will be best for you. However, what people don’t realize is the fact that your money could be wasted if you do not take the time to do some research first. Authorized two-way… read more

Get the best Heavy Duty headsets for your Buisness

one side

  Used mostly in racing, avionics or industrial use the HDS-EM Series, Dual Earmuff Headset is the way to go if you want to cancel any outside noise and have a clear audio that transmits and receives. The heavy duty headsets come with a rubber-covered band that comfortably sits on the back of the head… read more