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Motorola CLS1410 Range – Two Way Radio Coverage Test

Motorola CLS1410 Range

Have you been looking at the 1-watt, Motorola CLS1410 two way radio to potentially purchase for your operations? It is such a compact, lightweight and affordable option, which definitely makes this product a popular choice among customers. But did you look into the coverage it can get for you? How far do you need to… read more

Movie Theater Security – Let’s Do Something About It

Movie Theater Security

This is not the first time that it has happened. A movie theater shooting, which has resulted in the loss of three precious lives. I know that personally after the Colorado “Dark Knight” shooting, I had no intention of entering a theater anytime soon. These businesses are just such easy targets for this type of… read more

How do I check date codes on my CP200 two-way radio?

Are you wondering how old your CP200 batteries are? Check the date codes! In order to check the date codes on your two-way radio you will want to start off by taking off the battery from the two way radio. Once off you will see on the inside of the radio a part number. This… read more

What happens when your cell phones wont work?

No one wants to be this guy

  Almost everyone today relies on their cell phones to communicate between family, friends or work. One day without a persons cell phone and they become distracted and frantic waiting till the end of the day to get their phone, wherever they left it. What happens if you don’t just forget your phone for a… read more

Troubleshooting With Your Two-Way Radio Batteries


When a radio is not acting as it should, the first step to take is to check the two-way radio batteries. The first step to ensure your two-way radio batteries are in good shape is to see if they charge right. When you put your radio in the charger a steady red light should come… read more