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Common Two Way Radio Purchasing Misconceptions

Cell phones work best Though cell phones may seem to be working for your team, are they actually ideal for your environment? With jobsite elements and the probability of getting dropped, there is a huge risk of ruining your communications before you even get started. Handheld radios are much more rugged and are even offered… read more

New Pricing On The Vertex Standard VX260 Series

Vertex VX261 Two Way Radio

You may have read that the Vertex Standard VX260 Series two way radios are taking the position of what used to be the most desired Vertex Standard radio on the market, the VX231. Because the VX231 model has been discontinued, it will no longer be available on the market, hence why the 260 Series was… read more

Breaking The Motorola DTR650 Stereotype

Motorola DTR550 DTR650

The search for the Motorola DTR650 model has become a challenge for most people who are interested in purchasing this radio for his or her operations. Very few dealers actually sell this product , making it seem exclusive and like something that is too significant or high-end for others to put in their e-commerce shops. This is not true, however.… read more

WARNING: The Vertex Standard VX-231 Is Discontinued

Vertex Standard VX-231 is Discontinued

WARNING: The Vertex Standard VX-231 is discontinued! So, before you go and purchase your new Vertex Standard radios, think about what may be your next best option for a compatible purchase. Two Way Direct has insight into which alternatives are the most equivalent to these phased-out radio models. With regards to the VX231, this 5-watt, 16… read more

What Is The Most Basic Two Way Radio System?

Basic Two Way Radio Systems

The most basic two way radio systems are simply those, which utilize one or more handhelds, and possibly an extender to provide more coverage. The need for an extension is based solely on the distance your handhelds are required to cover, so only those communicating in a larger area will actually need this extra assistance.… read more

Save Money On Your Two Way Communications This Month!


Save on your two way radios this month! For the month of August, Two Way Direct is offering several fabulous deals on all of their two way radios. From 30% off all Icom and Vertex Standard two way radios, to $50 off per Radio Dispatch brand radio, you can really save this month on your two way communications! In order to receive these… read more