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Vertex VX-264 is the go-to choice for a two way radio with alphanumeric display.

VX264 handheld radio with an alphanumeric display

The Vertex VX-264 is the newest entry tier radio in the 260 series with a display. If you are considering an easy-to-use-and-operate two wayAi??radio with alphanumeric display, then look no further as the VX-264 is the go-to choice. With 128 programmable channels, each channel can display which department your business is organized on without the… read more

Vertex VX-260 Series – Powerful Connection without Compromise

VX260 series

When you choose a Vertex Standard VX-260 series radio, you not only get an ideal combination of features and performance, you also get the experience of efficiency, reliability, and interoperability. The VX-261 and the VX-264 are the most affordable full-powered professional handheld radio on the market – a powerful connection without compromise. VX-261 Ai?? Ai??… read more

Budget-Friendly Vertex VX-261 Radio

Vertex Standard 60 years

The Vertex family of radios offers you a quality and value like no other. These popular, full-featured radios are compact, reliable, and are built to last with an array of features for the maximum value. 2016 marks the 60th anniversary of Vertex and the vision and passion continues today with innovative solutions for tomorrow.  … read more