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Vertex VH-130 2-Wire Surveillance Earpieces

VH-130 earpiece

  Two-way radios are great devices to communicate with, but sometimes discretion is needed when youai??i??re using them around others. Hotels, restaurants, department stores, and security guards are great examples of places or people who may want to carry out private conversations. 2-wire surveillance kits are the answer. Vertex radios are great radios and are… read more

Motorola 2-Wire Surveillance Earpieces

Motorola 2-wire surveillance earpiece

Communication from person to person is non-stop. Itai??i??s part of what makes the world function. Having private conversations while others are around is sometimes difficult when you donai??i??t want the other people around you to hear your entire conversation. Some situations also require you to be discreet as a courtesy to those around you. When… read more

Kenwood NX-340U16P – A Great Business Two-Way Radio

Kenwood NX-340U16P - a great business radio

Communication within a business is one piece of the pie in making that business successful. Daily operations run smoothly when things flow internally and externally. One way to make sure that happens is by using two-way radios. The Kenwood NX-340U16P is a great digital business two-way radio. This powerful UHF radio transmits 5 watts of… read more

Kenwood PKT-23K


Communication is a vital part of life, whether it’s verbal or non-verbal. An effective resource for verbal communication in the workplace is portable, handheld, two-way radios. If the power goes out, a natural disaster strikes, or communication is needed in any other emergency situation, cellular phones may be inoperable during a time when contacting others… read more