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FirstNet Launches Dealer Program, Making it Easier for Public Safety Agencies to Access Their Network

Industry Experts in Public Safety Can Now Market, Promote and Co-Sell FirstNet through Two Way Direct FirstNetA�is making it even easier for the public safety community to access their network with the launch of Two Way Direct’s FirstNet Dealer Program. Now, select dealers and AT&T solution providers have the ability to sell FirstNet through Two… read more

How to Maximize Two-Way Radio Battery Life

How to find the date code on your Motorola two-way radio battery

Ever wonder how to maximize two-way radio battery life for your Motorola, Hytera, Vertex, Icom, Kenwood or any other brand of handheld radios? We’ll discuss how you can prolong the life of your two-way radio batteries and as well as how to determine when it’s time to plan for replacements. Motorola two-way radio battery advice:A�How… read more

Extending Two-Way Radio Coverage With Land Mobile Radio (LMR) LTE Interoperability

Land Mobile Radio (LMR) LTE Interoperability

Extending two-way radio coverage with Land Mobile Radio (LMR) LTE interoperability has never been easier and can dramatically enhance your handheld radio coverage. Today, Land Mobile Radios provides First Responders with a highly reliable method for primary voice based communications. Helping to keep First Responders connected, these radios can either connect levitra 10 mg. #Buy… read more

How to Choose the Best UHF Radios for your Business

How to Choose the Best UHF Two-Way Radios for your Business

Before we explain how to choose the best UHF radios for your business, first lets understand what UHF two-way radios even are. There are 2 major types of frequency bands in the professional business radio communication world. You have UHF radios and VHF radios. Typically, when we are communicating between radios, there are objects in… read more

Best 2018 Handheld Long Range Two-Way Radios

Long Range 2-Way Radio

Looking for the best 2018 handheldA�long range two-way radios? Look no further. We’ve compiled a list of our top picks based on extensive coverage testing. Before we get into the list, it’s important to understand why these two-way radios made our list. Let’s take a look at important criteria to consider. Key Factors: Power Output… read more