Best Radio To Work In The Marine Industry

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Are you buying countless waterproof protective cases for your two way radios?

You can skip all the hassle and worries by getting a waterproof radio. No not splash proof, waterproof.

This can be a huge helpful change for you when working in a marine industry! Vertex has made an incredibly durable and waterproof radio that can be completely submersed in 30 meters for 30 minutes!

I personally know the struggles of working in a marine industry without a waterproof radio and it was hectic to say the least. Every morning I was at SeaWorld San Diego cleaning out all the animalsai??i?? pools. This meant for 90% of our day we were either completely submersed in water cleaning pools with whales and animals in it or we were standing feet from tons of freezing water acting as a safety for our divers. Our main priority was our radio and we had to make sure even though we might be soaking, or animals were feet from us splashing us we could not get the radio wet. When it rained we had no cover, no umbrella, all we had was wetsuits and jacket that would get soaked in the matter of seconds. And still had to keep the radio covered so it didnai??i??t get wet. I remember there was a time when we had a big rainstorm and high winds. As my team was running around getting everything set up as fast as possible. I was crouched almost completely under the cart that drove us around, was completely soaked dripping from head to toe and was wearing three jackets and all I was worried about was our radio. We had protective cases on our radios but they just kept ripping and had to constantly keep buying brand new bags.

I didn’t even know waterproof radios existed! When I came to Two Way Direct I was shown a radio that could of taken off so much stress from my old everyday life.

Vertex made the most reliable and durable radio that will make your everyday life easier, I guarantee it! Let meAi??introduce you to the VX-451

Vertex Radios

Wateproof UHF 450-512MHz 5 Watt Radio complete with aAi??FNB-V133LI-UNIAi??1380mAh Lith-Ion 7.5V Battery,Ai??CLIP-20Ai??Belt Clip,Ai??ATU-16DAi??Antenna,Ai??VAC-UNIBAi??Rapid Charger and a 3-Year Factory Warranty.

(There are also different models of the VX-450 series that have a display and keypad as well. And comes in Intrinsically safe as well!)

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