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Construction Radios - Vertex EVX30 Series Two Way Radios
Construction Radios – Vertex EVX30 Series Two Way Radios

Why shop the Vertex EVX530 series for your construction radios?

This rugged two way is not only a waterproof option, but it is also one of the most cost-efficient and reliable products out there.

Specifically, the EVX534 two way radio has been the most popular out of all of the EVX530 series radios. This is a TDMA Digital/Analog Waterproof UHF 450-512MHz 5 Watt Radio, which comes complete with an FNB-V133LI-UNI 1380mAh Lith-Ion 7.4V Battery, CLIP-20 Belt Clip, ATU-16D Antenna, VAC-UNI Rapid Charger and a 3-Year Factory Warranty.

Do you currently own any Motorola two way radios or are you looking into that brand as well? Well, you should stop right there, because not only are the Vertex EVX530 series half  the price of comparable Motorola radios, but they also offer a 3-year warranty rather than Motorola’s 2-year warranty. When you order from Two Way Direct, you will also receive FREE Programming with your order.

This radio is specifically beneficial to the Construction Industry in the fact that it can be dropped on the concrete, be soaked in wet cement and dropped in water and it will not break. If wet cement gets on the radio, simply hold it under running water and it will come right off!

With a 3 year warranty, lower pricing as well as as free programming and assistance from the sales representatives at Two Way Direct, you’re construction team’s communications are sure to prove optimal for this specific application.

If you have any questions with regards to the system your team may be needing, feel free to call in, toll-free, at 888-742-5893. 

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