Save 30% On Your Hotel Communications This August

Save 30% on Hotel Radios

Are you searching for the most inexpensive, yet efficient two way radios for your hotel communications?

Two Way DirectAi??is offering a month-long deal on all Icom two way radios! When you purchase from, you will automatically receive 30% off your Icom radio order!

Haven’t checked out this radio brand before? Well, check out coverage tests performed on several different models for both indoors as well as line-of-sight outdoors applications:

As you can see from the footage, the UHF version of these products definitely meet all of the expectations for indoor hotel operations. All of the radios, which were filmed, were able to reach 30 floors with no trouble at all. With varying prices, capabilities and features per model, this proves that all Icom radios are a great choice when searching for a large range, indoor communications product for your team to utilize.

If you are a smaller hotel, looking for a less expensive product to fulfill your needs, the Icom F2000Ai??series would be the most highly recommended. Because of its compact size, 4-watts and low price, you are sure to get the coverage you need for a cost that will definitely fit your budget.

If you are a larger hotel, these Icom radios will also be great! If you are needing theAi??lowestAi??costing product, stick with the F2000 series. Surprisingly, these radios cost less than the other models, yet even at the 30th floor of coverage testing they performed equivalent to or even exceeded the coverage quality than the others. If you need something more bulky, however, try out the F4001 or the F4011 radios. These cost a little more, but may prove to be more rugged than the F2000.

Still have questions about which type of system will work best for you? Feel free to call in, toll-free, atAi??888-742-5893Ai??and talk to a sales representative who can answer any questions you may have!