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Ski Radios

Searching for the best deal on ski radios for your resort or personal use? Shop Two Way DirectAi??for the LOWEST prices GUARANTEED online! We literally beat out all of the competition, offering price-matching for all of our products.

The most recommended two way radio for a ski application is theAi??Radio Dispatch RD200UAi??two way radio or theAi??Vertex VX231.Ai??Both of these models are great options for ski resorts trying to ensure the safety of their guests as well as those on a snowy course, trying to keep communication with those around them. As UHF two way radios, these are able to communicate through barriers such as buildings, trees and other obstacles, while still receiving signal.

The RD200U is a great, inexpensive option and offers 4 watts of power, 16 channels, a 3-year warranty as well asAi??free programmingAi??at the price ofAi??$199.00.

TheAi??VX231Ai??Ai??is also a great option for your ski radios. It provides 5 watts of power, 16 channels, and a 3 year warranty as well at the price of $159.95.Ai??

The only difference between these two radios is the fact that theAi??RD200UAi??has received better feedback than the VX231.Ai??Our first recommendation would be theAi??RD200U, which is able to be programmed to your other existing radios if you are already using a system. However, if you prefer the Vertex brand, the VX231 is a great way to go as well.

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