Stores Prepare For Holiday Shopping

Holiday Shopping
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With the holidays coming up soon, stores are beginning to gear up for the crowds. Major retailers such as Target and Walmart Ai??spend the entire year prepping, through the use of mass marketing, for the competition of who snags up the business and who will be forced to report a decrease in revenue for those 4 quarters.

According to a recent news article,

Wal-Mart unveiled a new tool on its mobile app in time for the holiday season. The app allows online shoppers to check in when they arrive at the store to pick up their orders. It said that it expects nearly 75 percent of traffic to its website to come from a mobile device this holiday season.

Also, they reveal a portion of Target’s approach.

Target is unveiling a new holiday campaign called “The Holiday Odyssey,” a season-long tale that involves three kids, Target’s mascot Bullseye and their quest to light a huge holiday tree. The campaign will be rolled out on TV and on its website and will include Lego and Ninja Turtle characters.

So far, Target appears to be in the lead for the year, reporting its 4th straight year of a gain in revenue. On the other hand, Walmart has declared the fact that they are down.

So, the question is, “Which products will be the most popular this holiday season?”And “Who will come out on top?”