This New Life Saving Technology Could Prevent Future “Sandy Hooks”

Sandy Hook Shooting

Of course we all wish that the Sandy Hook tragedy had not occurred. We wish that those children would be sleeping in their own beds at night, playing with their friends at school, and growing into the teenagers and eventually adults, whom they should have had the opportunity to become.

We all know that death is inevitable. However, when a child (or anyone for that matter) is killed at the hands of another human being, this becomes an unnatural, inhuman occurrence, one that could most-likely be prevented if one of the parties had done something differently. In the case of Sandy Hook, the difference that could have been made laid with not only the shooter, but also the school security.

It has taken events like Columbine, Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook and many more to inspire schools to enhance their communications and security so that this can be avoided. Whether it’s with cameras around the school, security guards, lock systems or two way radios, all of the above make a school immensely safer, and provides a much more secure environment for its students. From recognizing a suspicious person, taking lock action, and warning the teachers to secure their classrooms, this is a system which makes it difficult for anyone to invade such a space.

The issue for many of these institutions, however, is the price. This equipment can definitely add up, making this necessity unattainable  due to lack of budget for some schools. So, how do we fix this? If we want our kids to be able to go to school feeling safe and actually being so, we need to collaborate with one another to make this happen.

Is your school system struggling with a budget to afford security for its students? Let’s work together on this! Contact Two Way Direct at 888-742-5893 and request to speak with the marketing department. We can make this happen.