Why A Sales Job Might Be Your Best Career Move


Sales. What comes to mind when you think of this? Do you reminisce on those phone calls you received during your family dinners? Do you recall the endless repeat phoning, despite the fact that you had already pleasantly asked them to “take you off of their calling list” multiple times?

Sales may not put a good taste in everyone’s mouth due to experiences like this, however, it is important to realize that there are many different “types” of sales. From door-to-door, to cold-calling, to simply face-to-face such as a car salesman, there are many different approaches which can be taken in order to make people buy a product or service.

First, knowing which industry fulfills a need is vital . Your sales career will last about a week if you land a job at a company that has little to no sales whatsoever. Research industries such as automobile, two way radio and pharmaceuticals, where there is a constant need for a large group of people. Once you have consistent clients, the base-pay rolls in and the commission checks grow.

The great thing with sales is the fact that there is no glass ceiling. There is no one standing over your shoulder saying, “You’re making too many sales,” or discouraging you from reaching out to potential clients for your company. When you make money, your company makes money as well. It’s the definition of teamwork.

Even if you later decide that sales is not your forte, this is such a great item to place on your resume. The ability to make calls and communicate with people on a professional basis is a huge plus. Every company wants to hire someone who is self-motivated and can hold their own in a professional conversation.

So, if you’re lost in your career path and are looking for something valuable to pass your time while you figure things out, sales is definitely the way to go. The important thing is to be smart about what you are selling, and actually try to gain something from the experience that you can bring along into your next venture.