Why Cell Phones Are Detrimental to Your Business

Business Cell Phones

Cell phones are one form of communication, which businesses use to speed up collaborative processes. From scheduling meetings, to taking personal work calls and checking emails, these devices can be the difference between making money and missing out on an opportunity. But what happens when you lose service, or your coverage falters and drops an important call? Do cell phones really work for all industries?

For businesses involved in events, construction, security, education and many more, cell phones are not going to be the most efficient form of communication. Those whom possess different departments as well as the need to communicate a large group all at once, cell phones pose as a limitation. For example, if workers are mobile, meaning they are on-site but not necessarily in a cubical or at a desk and a supervisor needs to reach all of them at once,  a cell phone is not going to suffice in this situation. Instead, two way radios have proven to be great options for this type of communication. With one press of a button, a supervisor can reach an entire group of people with his or her message.

Another issues, which cell phone users may experience is dropped calls. It’s always nerve-wrecking when you are on an important call and all of the sudden it drops. Can’t get service to call them back? You’re out of luck, Chuck. That’s a network problem, which can break a deal in a split second.

On the bright side, one characteristic that I can’t ‘knock’ cell phones for is the e-mail integration. Checking e-mails on your smartphone is a fabulous add-on to these devices. So convenient and fast, and you can work on-the-go.

Business cell phones versus personal cell phones have always been an issue with employees (looks like this concept was too by Hillary Clinton). Lugging around an extra device feels not only like clutter, but it also makes it easier to lose or forget. Using personal cell phones for business use is illegal, so you never want to run into that trouble.

The solution I would recommend here? When working on-site, use two way radios. Make communication more efficient wherever you can.