5 Two Way Radios You Shouldn’t Buy

5 Two Way Radios You Shouldn't Buy

Trying to decide which two way radios you should purchase for your team’s communications? This can be a daunting task, especially because there are so many products out there and also because there are endless specs to analyze before purchasing. Needless to say, it is easy to get lost amongst the shuffle of old and new radios, and which ones actually live up to expectation.

Two Way Direct is here to help you with that decision. Here are 5 two way radios you shouldn’t buy:

1.) Baofeng UV-5R- This radio is not only poor quality, but it is also very difficult to program. Every radio should be programed to the same frequencies, so this could be the make-or-break as to whether your radios will actually work with each other or not. Also, this model is both UHF & VHF, which is not ideal due to the fact that possessing both of these frequencies will dilute the signal. Typically, when a radio is either UHF or VHF (not both) it provides better coverage because you are not working on such a wide spectrum of frequencies.

2.) Motorola BPR40- Though this has been a very popular two way radio over the years, this radio is not the best option for your system. The reason why this radio was so widely purchased is because the company Motorola Solutions rules most of the market, and they get great margins on this radio. What many people don’t know is that currently, the BPR40 is being “phased-out,” which means that it will soon be discontinued. This means that companies and individuals will eventually have to transition into new models once these break. The batteries used on this particular model are NiMh. This type of battery is much lower than the quality of a lithium-ion battery that is considered the standard in all two way radios today. With a NiMh, you will not only have a shorter life, but your radio will require much more frequent battery replacements.

3.) Motorola CP200- This radio is discontinued, meaning it is not being manufactured anymore and will soon be off the market completely once the last CP200 is sold. The replacement for this radio is extremely expensive, and unnecessarily so. There are many compatible radios with work in the same capacity as the CP200, and run at much lower costs.

4.) Motorola CP200D- This is the Motorola replacement for the discontinued Motorola CP200. Not only is this extremely expensive, but it is also not equivalent to the old Motorola CP200.

5.) Motorola XPR6350 & 6550- These digital/analog radios are some of the most expensive two way radios on the market. Running from about $800 onward, you can expect to to put out a chunk of money for a radio that has many equivalents for much lower prices. The Radio Dispatch RD6550U as well as the RD6550V run for less than half that price, and offer the same specs as these high-end Motorola radios.

So before you commit to such a large purchase, it is necessary to be aware of which radios should be steered away from. Whether they are discontinued, being phased-out or if they are just poor quality, it is important to make an informative decision when it comes to this purchase.

If you have any further questions, feel free to call in, toll-free, at 888-742-5893 and talk to a Two Way Direct sales representative who can provide you with any information or solutions, which you may need.