Gear Up For The Holidays

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Getting ready for the holidays is not always so easy. Prepping food, decorating and sending out the holiday cards can certainly be daunting tasks. However, the most rewarding Ai??yet challenging one would have to be gift-giving; not the actual act of giving, but finding a present that this certain “someone” would appreciate, use and which fits into your budget.

Gift certificates are great options, but sometimes seem too generic and impersonal. But for some, a simple card might be just enough to let them people know that they are being thought of this season.

Are you shopping for a boy or a girl? What is his or her age? What is your relation to them? Any particular interests? If they have a job, what is it?

I have found that asking myself these questions before seeking out a gift often results in more appropriate presents rather than just ‘winging’ a gender neutral, one-size-fits-all kind of deal.

Boys typically go for electronics, regardless of the age. Girls lean more towards accessories and beauty-related items to add to their plethora of ‘fluff’ that they most-likely already own.

Doing some market research, I found that one of the most highly-purchased items during the holiday season is communication devices. Whether it is phones, two way radiosAi??or computers/laptops, everyone wants to stay in touch. Businesses need to function and individuals need to connect with friends and loved ones. Why is the purchase rate so high during this time? DEALS. Everyone has deals going on, knowing that people and businesses are more likely to purchase and in larger quantities when they feel like they are spending less overall.

It’s time to gear-up and save money this holiday season!