Get The Best “Bang for Buck” When You Do The Research

Do The Research

When purchasing items such as two way radios, it is so easy to find that “cheap and easy” solution that you think will be best for you. However, what people don’t realize is the fact that your money could be wasted if you do not take the time to do some research first.

Authorized two-way radio dealer, Two Way Direct, offers up common mistakes and misconceptions with regards to the purchasing of professional communications.

Cell Phones Work Best-

Ai??Ai??Ai?? Though cell phones may seem to be working for your team, are they actually ideal for your environment? With frequent and sometimes sudden movements, there is a probability that the handhelds will be dropped at some point, posing as a risk of ruining your communications before you even get started.

Handheld radios are much more rugged products, and are even offered in waterproof and water-resistant versions for use in any environment. Save your time and money and improve your efficiency by reaching out to the entire team with just the push of a button.Ai??

Cheaper is Better ai??i??

This is NOT the case. Many times, the money-saving option ends up proving to be the kiss of death. Product specifications are so important within this type of communication, and you can pretty much guarantee that you will unknowingly be sacrificing power output, which is so vital to providing proper coverage for your team. So, stick with the model that was recommended to you in the first place, or reach out to a dealer who can refer you to one.

Amazon, eBay & Craigslist are Valid Sources-

Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai?? You are just asking to waste your money if you purchase handhelds from these websites. 99% of the time, these sources are unauthorized resellers, most of whom had previously owned the exact radios you are purchasing. Once they realized their own mistake, they decided to capitalize on yours.

Not only will these radios probably not be programmed properly, but they may also mix in different frequency bands, which can be extremely detrimental to your entire system.

It is important to find a two way radio dealer who will definitely provide you with the service that your system requires. Info on what type of system you need, how many handhelds you will need, whether you will require a repeater system and even if your radios break in the future, these are all things that are invaluable to you and your team, saving you so much time and money. THIS is how you get the best “bang for buck.”