Getting Your Vertex Radios to work the Right Way

It can sometimes be confusing to know if your Vertex radio is working correctly or not. In order to determine this you need to make sure that your Vertex battery is connected to your radio the right way. To connect your battery to your radio, take the radio and battery in both hands. Be sure to check your battery is aligned so that the battery connectors are at the bottom. Carefully slide the battery up onto the radio and press down.

Once the battery is connected, you should be able to tell that your radio is charged and working by turning the volume knob to the left. The radio will make a small noise to indicate that the radio is on. If this does not occur, then you should consider recharging your battery.

To remove the battery from your radio, locate the switch on the bottom of your radio. Push the switch to the left and the battery Ai??will eject itself from your radio.

If you have any other questions about your Vertex batteries, don’t hesitate to call us at 800-991-3285.