ISIS Wants A ‘Wholly War.’


The recent terrorist attack in Paris has once again put things into perspective. Whether we are enemies or allies, we are all fighting a war. We struggle to ensure that both we and our families are safe. We fight to protect our people from harm’s way. We strive to build the greatest nations, all of which will allow us the ability to live and thrive in peace. Despite our differences, we all want the same things, freedom and security.

Terrorist organization, ISIS, prides itself upon threatening the livelihoods of those with differing beliefs. They want a holy war? They will get a ‘wholly war.’ As shown above in a photo taken from whenAi??Paris signed in tribute to murdered cartoonists, the people united to show that they, in fact, were “Not Afraid” of what they were being threatened with. A reaction is what these terrorists wanted, andAi??thisAi??reaction is what they got.

After the recent attack on Paris, “TheAi??authorities said it wasAi??”too dangerous”Ai??to gather this weekend,Ai??but they came any way… gathering at LaAi??Place de la RAi??publique,” according toAi??The Current’sAi??Ai??Laura O’Brien. Once again, the people came together to show that there is, no doubt, strength in numbers. CommunicationAi??is key during times like this, and it is the glue that has kept this community sticking together.

So, ifAi??ISIS wants a holy war, a ‘wholly war’ is what they will find.