Piecing Together The NEW Vertex Standard VX264

Vertex Standard VX264 - Whats In The Box

What can you expect to be included in the box when you open your new Vertex Standard VX264 two way radio?

Watch this brief video:Ai??Vertex Standard VX264 Unboxing

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First, when you open your new product, you will find the user manual sitting at the top. You can utilize this to better understand the different features of your new radio and how to make it work properly.

Below this booklet lies the radio and its components, which can start to make things a little bit confusing. The radio, the battery, the belt clip and the antenna all come separately. Also, you will most likely find a charger in the box, along with the plug for power. Let’s walk through the process of opening this radio.

You will first see the face of the radio below the user manual. Take this out of the plastic, and set to the side. The dust cover, which goes over the audio jack to protect it, is a small piece, so be sure not to lose it in the mix. The swivel-holster belt clip will also be nearby. You will then pull out the long-whip antenna. This you can screw into the face of the radio right away. Just line up the threads and turn clockwise until the antenna is secured tightly.

You will then find the charger base in a bubble-wrap bag. Unwrap and place to the side. The charger power cord is placed next to it in the box, so pull that out and plug the wire into the back of the charger base.

In a small, white box, is the VX264 two way radio battery. Take that out and place it on the back of the radio. Once this is done, test the power switch, then the channel switches (closest to the antenna) to make sure things are working properly.

In order to fit the radio into the charger base, line the slots on our radio with the tabs inside of the base. To make sure that it will charge, check that is is all the way seated inside of this base. Once plugged into a power source, you will notice a light go on, which shows that the 12-14 hour charging process has begun!

This is essentially what you will find when you receive your Vertex Standard VX264 two way radio package.

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