Special Features with the IC-F24 Radio

Having only 3 buttons, volume and how to make levitra more effective. #Levitra reviews. levitra reviews vs viagra. channel knobs, the IC-F14 Series does not require special training to use. Positive button action for sure operation even when wearing gloves, allows you to get down to the business of communicating without fuss. Two of the three buttons can be programmed to your liking and allow you to access your necessary options at anytime.

With technology like this, you will never feel unsafe. The Icom radios all come complete with emergency features that allow you to keep track of your fellow employees and staff. They also produce loud audio, so you will never worry about missing a message. Stay on top of your communication with Icom Radios.

  • Special Features of this radio include:
  • MDC PTT ID and MDC emergency call functions
  • LED low battery alert
  • TOT function and lock out penalty timer
  • 2 step power saver
  • Normal and priority scan
  • 500mW loud and clear audio
  • Optional VOX headset
  • PC programming capability

If you are looking for a radio that is of simple construction and easy to use maintenance, then the Icom IC-F24 UHF radio is for you. Request fluconazole 150mg. #Buy Diflucan. fluconazole for thrush. a quote for free online or call us directly at 888-742-5893