Technology Stops Crimes Against Endangered Animals


Wildlife smuggling is a huge problem. It drives endangered animals towards extinction and gives people a huge reward for doing so. Using technology, people have come up with ways to stop this crime against endangered animals.

A national geographic article, 11 Ways Technology Stops Crime Against Endangered Animals, by Patricia Raxter, shows how technology is shutting these crimes down.

  1. DNA analysis: Helps map populations and origins of the animals.
  2. Acoustic traps: Sensors that can track illegal logging
  3. Thermal imaging: Cameras that can alert rangers when poachers are in the area.
  4. Advanced analytics and mapping: Tracks where wildlife crime has occured.
  5. Spatial monitoring and reporting tool (SMART) and CyberTracker: Tracks animal behavior
  6. Digital two way radios: Allows rangers to communicate securely over long distances and respond faster to incidents.
  7. GPS-enabled cameras and smartphones: Track movements and landscape features.
  8. Virtual watch room: Using real-time satellite imagery to monitor suspicious activity.
  9. WILDSCAN and other mobile apps- Helps identify and report illegally trafficked wildlife.
  10. Wildleaks: People helping people, users to anonymously report wildlife crimes.
  11. Crowdfunding: Sites to help pay for all tools used. Including technology as well as sniffer dogs, and basic needs like vehicles and weapons.

Technology is shutting these crimes down against endangered animals. Because of Two Way Radios, rangers can communicate more efficiently and respond faster when they are needed. The better and more efficient technology we have will make for a higher success rate for survival.


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