Troubleshooting With Your Two-Way Radio Batteries

When a radio is not acting as it should, the first step to take is to check the two-way radio batteries.

The first step to ensure your two-way radio batteries are in good shape is to see if they charge right.

  • When you put your radio in the charger a steady red light should come on.(This shows that the radio is charging)
  • **If it is orange leave it for a few minutes, orange means it is in a conditioning cycle and will start charging soon
  • If you get a red flashing light when putting your radio into the charger, you either have a bad battery or it isna��t in correctly.

To ensure your two way radio is in the charger completely

-Look at the back of the radio, it should be nice and flush with the charger. There should be no space between the back of the radio and the charger. The groves on the radio fit perfectly with the groves on the charger. The same goes for the pins on the radio as well, they will fit in perfectly with the chargers pins.

6 easy steps to trouble shooting your battery

1. Have you checked the charger is working correctly by charging other radios?

2. Is the battery placed in the charger correctly?

3. Did you check that the light is red? a��If its not red, note above the different color meanings

4. Is it a brand new battery? If so did you leave it in the charger for 12 hours?

5. Is the battery continually beeping? Might need replacement

7. Check the purchase date! Batteries degrade after one year. If it is a old battery, you will have to purchase new ones.

6. Is it my radio or my battery? Test battery with radios that are working, if it works on other radios it is your radio. If it doesna��t work on the functioning radios, you need to get a replacement battery.

A�Check this video out to ensure you are charging your radios correctly


If your radio or batteries still dona��t work, or if you need to buy new batteries; Two Way Direct would be more than happy to help you out. Just call (888)742-5893 and talk to a sales rep today!