#TBT When Two Way Radios …are still the most significant form of communication.

I laugh at the common misconception that the  Two Way Radios Industry is not nearly as prominent as it once was. Due to the rise in cell phone users and the applications that come with those devices, many believe that this product proves to be much more effective than a two way radio system. This is what I discovered when I took a poll within a diverse group of 150 business men and women, and young professionals.

The cellular phone has become almost an extension of our individual bodies. Panic sets in when we are removed from it or it is removed from us, or when it is simply out of our control. Ever heard of the phrase “out of sight, out of mind”? Well, this is simply not the case with cell phones. Because of this mentality, these devices have caused many to believe that the easiest solution to a problem is to pick up the phone in order to call whomever we may need to fix it. This is a very justifiable response,  when the problem is external to your business area. However, 3/4 of these professionals admit that even when an issue occurs in-house, he or she will call an individual’s phone, who may be just a walk down the hall.

Our question to these people was, “why not just use a two way radio?” Baffled faces stared at us while we explained that with the use of professional two way radios, they could simply press a button and instantly talk to that person regardless of where they are in the building. No waiting for the phone to ring or an answering  machine to pick up. An instantaneous response and faster reaction time is the result of this two way radio usage.

Warehouses, Restaurants, Hotels, Race Tracks, Police and Fire Departments as well as the majority of all companies, which exist, could benefit from the use of two way radiosThese are not just bulky products you hold in your hand all day, which debilitate your ability to multi-task. They are products, which possess accessories that allow for a hands-free environment and much more efficient communication among team members. They can be customized to your particular geographical atmosphere, whether you are communicating through barriers or if you have more line-of-site communication. You can even utilize multiple radios programmed to one another in order to obtain the most ideal communication possible rather than receiving feedback from other people’s radio systems.

Two way radios are not just “walkie talkies.” They are highly customizable products, which can extend for miles with the right setup. Need to reach longer distances? Add in a repeater and your problem is solved. Need something even more customized, simply call in to a two way radio retailer such as TwoWayDirect.com (888-742-5893) and talk to a sales representative who can either come visit your site or simply walk your company through the process of setting something like this up.

Two Way Direct offers the LOWEST prices GUARANTEED on all two way radios and accessories including the Vertex VX231
Two Way Direct offers the LOWEST prices GUARANTEED on all two way radios and accessories including the Vertex VX231

Two Way Direct has actually become the preferred vendor in the two way radio market today. Run by a group of young, fun guys, a great business structure and unique marketing strategy, this company is continually taking over more accounts each day. Their “lowest prices guaranteed” motto as well as their quality products and customer service have been the catalysts in this company’s growth.

Looking to price-match? They will do even better and price-beat! Two Way Direct wants to offer their customers literally the best deals they can possibly find online, and they will bend over backwards in order to provide that. Interestingly enough, in order to offer these extremely low prices, they have started their own line of TWD radio accessories, which are manufactured in-house. These accessories have consistently received 5-star ratings and reviews. Compatible with a variety of radios, each accessory can support different models of the same brand of radio.

For example, if an individual owns a Vertex® VX231 two way radio, they will own an accessory such as the VX231 2-wire surveillance kit earpiece, known as the VH-130 TWD. This VH-130 TWD is not only compatible with the VX231 radio, but also with Vertex® radio models VX451, VX454, VX459, EVX531, EVX534 & EVX539. This means that if you decide to switch from the VX231 to any of these other radio models in the future, you will not have to purchase new accessories to work with them. This is just one way in which Two Way Direct saves you money.

Need to order in bulk? Simply call the toll-free number on their website, www.TwoWayDirect.com, and talk to a sales representative who is sure to give you an even better deal on your purchase.

>Okay, enough of my overly-detailed spiel<

We gave this talk to the group of people, whom we polled, explaining the ins and outs of the industry and how they could benefit from the use of two way radios either on a smaller or a larger scale.

A few individuals admitted that they would continue the use of their cell phones, not feeling the need to purchase radios. 140 out of the 150, however, enthusiastically stated  that they would look more into two way radio usage for their business operations.

Do yourself, your business-owning friends, or the company, which employs you, a favor by introducing them to the concept of two way radios.

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