Use The schoolSAFE System

With the ongoing threat of violence in schools, the need for communication becomes that much more vital to keeping these institutions safe. I’m not just talking about a simple intercom system, or just the internal two way radios, I’m talking about a schoolSAFE system.

While it is an absolute necessity to communicate with the faculty and staff within your school area, it is also important to have the ability to reach out to others in your time of need. This includes other schools as well as police departments. The issue that arises with telephones is the delay in action due to the time it takes to dial and ring, so the next best option would be a schoolSAFE system. This allows you to reach out to others (outside schools, public safety departments etc.) with just the push of a button. It not only eliminates the dialing and ringing delay, but it also provides constant communication with whoever is on the other end.

EVX5400 Linking System

With this linking system, you can communicate with those in separate departments, across the street, across state lines and even across the country! Worried that this will turn into a “break-the-bank” kind of solution? Rest assured that this is not only extremely affordable, but it will provide the quality and longevity that makes this small investment totally worth every penny you put into it!