Walkie Talkie vs Two Way Radio

Walkie Talkie vs Two Way Radio


If you have ever done research into purchasing communications for yourself or for your company, than you have probably come across many terms, some of which seem to be interchangeable. For example, surveillance earpiece can replace a 2-wire surveillance kit, a d-shell earpiece is also referred to as a d-shape or a g-shape, along with many more. The most commonly confused terms, however, areA�“walkie talkie”A�andA�“two way radio.”A�

Are they the same? Sometimes. When I say sometimes, I mean that a walkie talkie can always refer to a two way radio, but a two way radio doesA�not alwaysA�refer to a walkie talkie. Why is this? Well, because a two way radio is a more high end product than a walkie talkie.

The consumer radios that you see in Walmart and other super chain stores are typically walkie talkies. These are much lower in price and quality. A two wayA�A�radio has many more features and a much greater durability and sustainability than these consumer walkie talkies. Two Way Radios are often B2B (business to business) sales, because of their capabilities and long lives. Although a ‘two way radio’ can refer to a walkie talkie, remember that it is not always the best choice of words.

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