What Is The Life-Cycle Of A Two Way Radio?

Life-Cycle Of A Two Way Radio

Have you ever wondered why two way radio products are always so quick to enter and exit the market? There always seems to be a “replacement radio” available for products, which seem to have just been introduced to the market a few years prior.

Why does this happen?Ai??What is the life-cycle of a two way radio?

As in every market, products are developed based on consumer need. With the rise in technology and advancements within various industries, individuals and companies need “extras” to make the communications process that much easier. Whether it is the need forAi??radio accessoriesAi??to work with the existing radios, or if it is simply that they now require more advanced features on their handhelds, needs are constantly changing. So, the first couple of steps in a handheld radio’s life-cycle is the development of a product based on consumer needs.

After this development occurs, this radio typically lasts on the market for a few years at a time. This is not true, however for some lines. Motorola has many radios that have been around for years and years and do not seem to be going anywhere. This stage in the cycle is where the money is made. The products are advertised to the public, and pushed in order to make profit.

When the radios start to lose interest from the public, or if a new need is developing, this becomes the beginning of the end. At this time, manufacturers will stop producing as many of these products, or even stop producing them at all. This is called “phasing out.”Ai??It is the phasing out of a product on the market. For those who still need this radio model, it will most likely be available. However, they should be informed that production of this has stopped and so there will be no more to purchase in the near future.

Once all of the inventory is bought up on the market, the radio is considered “discontinued.”Ai??This means that this item is extinct and will not come back for buying purposes.

So, if you are informed that the products you are purchasing are “phasing-out” or “discontinued,” know that it is time to look into an alternative for you and/or your company.

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