Why Go Digital With Your Two Way Radios?

Digital two way radios are in sense a new type of breed of radio. The main difference is in the name, the radio is digital. This means that it isnt a VHF or UHF radio, instead it uses a 900MHz spectrum.

The advantages of a Digital radio are as follows:

  • More privacy may be obtained due to the encryption-like transmission of the signals.
  • The signals are very clear because there is no static like there is with analog radios.
  • No FCC lisence is required!

An example of a radio that is digital, doesnt require an FCC license is Motorolas DTR410.Ai??

Motorola DTR410 Two-Way Radio

Range is not a problem with the Motorola DTR series. Typically, the DTR-410 provides 20% more coverage than a standard UHF two way radio. As with all radios, coverage will vary based on terrain and conditions. The DTR 410 also allows you to define up to 25 groups. Call an entire group at once, like with standard radios, or you can call an individual radio!

The Motorola DTR410′s enhanced text display even shows you exactly who is calling with its caller ID feature. Enhanced call forwarding allows you to automatically notify a caller that you are unavailable and forward their call to another radio. As an added convenience, the DTR410 is capable of sending and receiving 10 preset text messages, and allows for keyed-in custom messages.

The DTR410 is just as rugged and durable as the Motorola two way radios you are used to. Built to military C,D,E, and F specifications, you don’t have to worry about it holding up.

Includes one enhanced Motorola DTR Series DTR410 two way radio, swivel belt holster, drop-in charger, and 14.5 hour lithium rechargeable battery.


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