Why Solar Power Is On The Rise

Solar Power

It’s hard to argue with a guy like Richard BransonAi??when he explains that the solar power is coming, and it is coming fast. He explains in a recent article titled “The Rise and Rise of Solar Power,” Ai??”According toAi??Ad Week, ‘half of all residential solar sales are being driven by word of mouth. That is nearly quadruple the estimated market average for referral sales.’” This is simply because people are so excited about this technology.

This is what we all like to hear, considering we have been using up and fighting over the earth’s resources unnecessarily, when we have had a much better solution all along! For the few, who are unfamiliar with solar energy, this is a technology, which will allow a source Ai??to soak up the wind or sun’s energy, and transport it to a hub in a specific area where the energy can be drawn for things such as lighting and power to homes and businesses.

The expense of obtaining this energy has proven to be a bit pricey, however, with its rise, the cost is surely going to go down in the future in order to make it more affordable to the general public. Also, once this technology is installed, it has proven to drastically lower energy bills. It is truly a great investment.

Panels are not the onlyAi??way to achieve solar power, however. General Electric is a leader in solar energy with their wind farms across the United States and Canada.Ai??With large blades and a massive base, these wind farms generate energy through the use of wind. Just like the solar panels, energy is generated and transported to a hub where it can be dispersed effectively.

The labor for building these wind farms is extremely expensive, with not only parts costs, but the land as well as radio communicationsAi??to keep workers safe and connected make this a large project. However, GE’s investment will ultimately allow them to keep their position as a leader in energy, as well as to provide them with a much greater return and much more longevity as a corporation.

Just asAi??David Roberts explains onAi??Vox: ai???Solar photovoltaic (PV) power is eventually going to dominate global energy. The question is not if, but when. Maybe it will happen radically faster than anyone expects – say, by 2050. Or maybe it won’t be until the year 3000, or later. But it’ll happen.”