Betty White Improved Her Game With These Simple Methods


Betty White gets the guys by flaunting her two way radios at them in public.

Have you ever wondered if there was a “method to the madness”?

Do you often ask yourself “Am I good enough?” or “Why am I the never the first option?” Well, read on because Betty White has some advice for you!

As an comedic acting veteran, White has learned what it means to attract an audience. She uses methods such as humor, body language and non-verbal cues to capture our attention. But this is no secret. Every actor uses these in his or her attempt to fulfill any type of role. It is a guaranteed way to receive audience interaction with the character.

In reality, we all use these methods. We try to mock what we see on TV in order to get the same results, which we see many of these characters receive, from someone whom we ourselves want to attract. Does it work every time? Obviously not. If it did there wouldn’t be girl fights and drama as a result of this “unrequited love.”

So here it is ladies and gentlemen. Listen up. Betty White has the answer to your prayers:

Two Way Radios.Ai??That’s right. You heard me. Two Way Radios. Not walkie talkies. Not cell phones. These little doodads are a more high-end product than your typical handheld radio. They can give youAi??justAi??what you need to step up your game to thatAi??nextAi??level.

WhyAi??two way radios? Well, I will give you a list of reasons:

1.)You look really professional when you carry one. Every male/female wants to date a professional.

2.)It’s a great way to show that you can be trusted. Throw out that cell phone. No more texting your ex or hiding secret pictures you’ve saved. Give the compatible radio to the girl/guy you are interested in, remain within a certain radius of each other at all times and press one button to contact him/her anytime you want! It’s totally not creepy and noninvasive ; )

3.)It’s a fashion statement. Use a belt clip to attach it to your hip. You don’t even have to use the radio. Pretend it’s not even there. It makes you look cooler.

4.)Ladies, this chunky hardware is like the female version of axe spray. Get a fluorescent pink cover. Men will flock to you once they see you carrying around one of these gadgets. Men love it when women model obnoxiously large accessories.

5.)Guys, want to impress a girl? Put a log in the road. When traffic stops or when someone hits the log, you willAi??convenientlyAi??be standing at the road side and justAi??happenAi??to be wearing aAi??two way radio.Ai??Now’s your time to be a hero.Ai??It doesn’t matter if there’s no one at the other end to relay to, just proceed to press the push-to-talk button and repeat “Squad 32. Thompson Street and Main. I’ll take it from here.” Enter the scene pretending like you know what you’re doing. Pray that the police come soon and that no one saw you put the log in the road. When the police get there, quickly walk away as if “your job is done” and pat the back of an officer as if you know him and are part of his “crew.” Women watching will just love the fact that you took action and look so important. Works every time.

From 2010-2014 there has been a 95% success rate with people who have used these methods. It may take a little time to get them down, but just remember that practice makes perfect. Maybe throw a stick under a cyclers wheel or something sometime when no one is around just to test the waters with the whole “emergencyAi??two way radio situation.” Ai??Just a thought. Just remember though, that there is a reason that Betty White is 92 and has better game than most of us.