No Texting and Driving!


Drivers for delivery trucks, buses, limos and more have been involved in more accidents than ever due to texting while driving.Ai?? In a recent example, of a bus driver in China that decides to quietly text while operating his huge vehicle on the highway and ends up smashing into another big truck parked on the side of the road. He is fortunately perfectly fine but the bus is wrecked. His wreck was captioned up as, ai???His inattention to the road caused a major road accident on the busy freewayai???.

You can watch the video below

While watching this video and hearing about the endless accidents caused by texting, I couldnai??i??t help but think, what could stop these horrible accidents? You cant just say no texting and driving, you have to find ways in which people can find other solutions.

Well in order to think about how you could stop them you have to think about the main reason they were causedai??i??

Eyes being taken off the road.

Well if we were to put a mobile radio into the professional drivers vehicles, they wouldnai??i??t have to take their eyes off the road for even a second. Instead if they need to get a hold of someone they can talk at the push of a button. And when someone has to get a hold of them they will get the message immediately. No taking your eyes off the road to text, answer the phone, or even find your phone when you hear a notification. With mobile units you get the safest communication possible.

But my car is really cool. It has Bluetooth, Hands free.

  • Well thatai??i??s awesome! But you still have to answer your phone, which takes your eyes off the road. And think of the problems you could endure; your phone did not hook up to Bluetooth for some reason or the sound is too quiet or too loud. With a mobile radio it is consistent and there is no chance of any employees texting while operating these important vehicles.

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