Breaking The Motorola DTR650 Stereotype

Motorola DTR550 DTR650

The search for the Motorola DTR650 model has become a challenge for most people who are interested in purchasing this radio for his or her operations. Very few dealers actuallyAi??sell this product , making itAi??seemAi??exclusive and like something that is too significant or high-end forAi??others to put in their e-commerce shops.

This isAi??not true, however. In fact, it is meant to trick you into thinking that this radio offers much more than others, and that the dealers who sell them are much more significant for doing so.

With regards to the Motorola DTR650 two way radio, it is important to know that not only is there another option out there to purchase in its place, but it is much more available and possesses the EXACT SAME features and coverage capabilities. This is the Motorola DTR550 model.

BothAi??of these radios offer 1-watt of power, a 1-year Motorola factory warranty, offers the sameAi??features and requiresAi??noAi??license to use. So, why search for this DTR650 when you have the DTR550 at your fingertips? This is just a little trick that Motorola likes to play on Ai??consumers in order to guide you into thinking one product and one dealer is better than the other when that is absolutelyAi??notAi??the case at all.

Two Way DirectAi??is just one dealer, whichAi??offers this Motorola DTR550 model on its website.

Still have questions with regards to these two radios? Feel free to call intoAi??Two Way Direct,Ai??toll-free, atAi??888-742-5893Ai??and talk to a sales representative who can walk you through any questions you may have in order to provide you with the solutions you need.