“How to” On Programming The Vertex VX231 Radio

Are you looking for a ”How to” video on programming the Vertex VX231 radio? Two Way Direct has you covered!

First you have to have the necessities in order to be able to program your own Vertex VX231 radio! (You can get these all at TwoWayDirect.com)

  • Computer Programming Cable
  • Computer Software

Once you have these essential products you are ready to go!

*Remember that if you have any problems and no longer want to program your own Vertex radios you can always call Two Way Direct at (888)742-5893 and we would be more than happy to help you out and figure out a solution with you!

You have several Options

  1. You can send your radios into Two Way Direct in order to get them programmed by our tech team.
  2. If you ordered your radios from Two Way Direct, we offer free programming on new orders before they have left our business.
  3. You can try out the How To radio programming video below. If you have any questions, you can call in and receive instructions from one of our tech guys for $50/hour. 

Basic Video 

Advanced Video