Icom America’s New Compact F1000 Series Handheld Radio

Icom F1000 Series Handheld Radios

Icom America has decided to launch a new line of two way radios! The F1000 Series is a compact handheld two way radio with features including a waterproof chassis, pristine audio, rugged housing, a built-in motor sensor and channel announcement functions.

Industries, which can benefit from this series include education, health care, property management, amusement parks and hospitality.

According to a new Icom press-release, ai???Icomai??i??s new F1000 Series portable radio is IP67 for waterproof and dust- tight protection. The radioai??i??s slim casing can withstand submersion in one meter (~3.28 feet) of water for 30 minutes and prevents the ingress of powder dust, sand, mud and other debris. The waterproof battery pack (BP-279) provides 14 hours of typical operating time. Like all Icom radios, the F1000 Series meets tough MIL-STD 810 military specifications.ai???

Essentially, this product was created in order to provide a robust two way radio solution for a very reasonable price. We all want better radios that fit into our budgets, and the F1000 series offers just this.

First In Communications

Among its many features, the F1000 offers programmable ai???man downai??? and ai???lone workerai??? emergency functions. When the radio is left in a horizontal position, or if it is not being operated for an extended amount of time, this will signal the radio to alert other members of the team that something could potentially be wrong.

There are three different versions of this new radio model: F1000, F1000S and the F1000T.

The F1000 is a 16 channel, VHF option with no display. The F1000S is just a step up from that with 128 channels, a display and a limited keypad. Lastly, the F1000T is the most high-tech of the F1000 series. It offers 128 channels, a display and full keypad. All models are waterproof in design and can operate in various environments.

According to the Icom website, ai???The portable has a built-in bridge-tied load (BTL) amplifier and delivers 800mW of loud audio (typical) ai??i?? perfect for users operating in noisy environments. As an added convenience, the radio’s channel announcement function reports the selected channel by rotating the channel knob. This allows users to make radio adjustments without having to look at the radio. To ensure secure conversation, the F1000 has a built-in inversion voice scrambler with up to 16 selectable codes.ai???

If you are looking for a UHF option that is comparable to the F1000 VHF series, check out the F2000 series, which also offers the three different options in F2000, F2000S and F2000T.