Motorola XPR6350 / XPR6550 Performance Test

Motorola XPR6350 / XPR6550 Performance Testing
Motorola XPR6350 / XPR6550 Performance Testing

Two Way Direct recently set out on a mission to test all of the two way radio products, which they sell. From Motorola to Vertex Standard to even the newest Radio Dispatch line, the radios were tested in both a line-of-sight environment as well as a dynamic (through walls and other obstacles) environment.

With regards to the dynamic testing, experts sought out a 30 floor hotel in the heart of downtown San Diego. The Motorola XPR6350 and the XPR6550 bothAi??performed fantastic in both the line-of-site as well as the hotel testing that was done. Check out the video below for the actual results:

This radio is an expensive option to go with, however, so Two Way Direct has come up with a better option. The Radio Dispatch RD6550UAi??is a much less pricey model, which possesses the sameAi??exactAi??features and utilizes the same TDMA technology. See why you should switch to this Radio Dispatch model:

If you are interested in the originalAi??MotorolaAi??radios, you will simply be paying extra for the brand name. Customers have begun to switch over to this more affordable,Ai??Radio DispatchAi??line in order to save money while getting the radio performance they need for their operations.