New Pricing On The Vertex Standard VX260 Series

Vertex VX261 Two Way Radio

You may have read that the Vertex Standard VX260 Series two way radios are taking the position of what used to be the most desired Vertex Standard radio on the market, the VX231. Because the VX231 model has been discontinued, it will no longer be available on the market, hence why the 260 Series was developed.

The VX261 is the most cost-efficient option as a replacement, with similar features and housing, just upgraded a bit. This new radio is advertised online for prices up to $180.00 on other websites, butAi??Two Way Direct,Ai??offering the LOWEST prices GUARANTEED, provides this to their customers for just $159.95. Slightly more rugged, better coverage and longer battery life is what this radio has to offer.

On the other hand, if you are interested in utilizing a little bit more advanced product than the VX231, then the VX264 is the way to go. With very similar features, this radio offers a limited keypad and display as well as 128 channels to work with. This is just the next step up from the VX231 if the radios you had in the past just didn’t meet your team’s standards.

With the Vertex Standard VX260 Series radios, you are receiving handhelds that will still work with your remaining VX231 models. There is no need to get rid of the current 231′s that you currently possess if they are working properly.

What you will need to do is simply figure out how many new models you need to order, send in a reader radio to your dealer so that they can snag the frequencies off of it and program your new radios to this new system for proper usage. Once this is completed, you have a working system and are ready to go!

Have any questions with regards to your two way radio system? Feel free to call into Two Way Direct, toll-free, atAi??888-742-5893Ai??and talk to a sales representative who can provide you with any information or solutions you may need!