How To Provide Great Food AND Great Service!

restaurant_HRGreat food, Great service!

This is the goal for all restaurants. People donai??i??t go back to places with bad food or bad service and will be willing to pay more for the same food if it is somewhere where they will get a better experience.

Think about all the places that have lost your business because of their unattractive attitude or horrible food. Iai??i??m sure we can all think of somewhere.

Restaurants rely on repeat customers to make sure their business thrives. For a customer to come back there are some vital things that need to be taken care of.

  • Great food
  • Fast service
  • Great atmosphere
  • Great service

And we all know how we are with first experiences. If it is not right the first time we are left with a bitter taste in our mouth and rarely go back to try it again.

That is a lot of stress for a restaurant to have every single second that ai???openai??? sign is showing.

So you might be asking yourself, ai???How can I make sure every day is great food and great service?ai???

-Communication, communication, communication!

With any relationship communication is key. Without it, everything falls apart. Unless you are a mind reader. But we arenai??i??t, we are only human, and the only way that we can understand what other people are thinking is if we communicate to them. Without shouting to each other as loud as possible and annoying customers, employees can use a two-way radio to communicate fast and efficiently with just a quick push of a button.

How will better communication increase customer service?

  • It will increase staff satisfaction (when the staff is happy, everyone is happy)
  • It will table turnover rates (employees can communicate with each other without shouting across the room disturbing customers)
  • Kitchen staff can let servers know when orders are ready
  • Managers can supervise better and respond to customer flow faster
  • Rectify a customer concern as soon as possible.


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